Monday, May 18, 2009

Amaretti Cookies

For those that have not had the chance to get to know me too well yet, I was raised in a military family. As such we moved around a lot. I remember when I was very young moving every year and a half or so. As I got older it slowed to moving every three years, but once I got to high school, and until 2 years after I moved every year. Many times this was just moving houses or across town, but the summer before my senior year we had the chance to finally go over seas! We were so excited, because we had not had this chance in the past. Where to you may ask? Well EGYPT! Can you imagine your senior year going to Egypt to go to school! We were just over joyed with this opportunity. It was by far one of my best years in my life.

This trip to Egypt really helped me get to know food better. There are many of my favorite restaurants in the world, still there. I cannot afford to visit them, but they were amazing. We were able to try real food from around the world, the way it is intended to be made. The down fall is that now I have been spoiled and there are so many foods that I cannot get here that I would love to have again.

Amaretti on Foodista

Enter these cookies. One of my favorite treats while I was there were Amaretti Cookies. Wonderful little drops of almond heaven, that just seem to make you want to savor every little bite. I have found some in places around the US, but they are not as easy to find as they were there, at least not the ones I love. So while on this great food site I stumbled across a recipe that i just might have to give a try one day. I love to cook, but I love to eat WAY more!

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