Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Looking for independence? Start with your food!

Looking for independent food? Well look no further than the selling venue dedicated to connecting you to what ever can satisfy your cravings. Emily from joined us on the show this past week, and talked to us about what the company is and what makes it unique. is a great site that brings together independent food producers from all over, into one location. This unique site allows you to shop several boutique shops all at once with one checkout process. That’s right, one checkout, one payment, one receipt! Even though you are buying direct from each shop, Foodzie’s streamlined check out process allows you to complete all your purchases at once.

Each shop carries its own varieties of products, allowing you to see just how special and focused they are. We have been blessed to have several sellers from Foodzie on the show already, with more coming up! The sellers each have their own niche, giving you products that only they create with such style. Some producers are small, and will only sell online or through their local farmers market. Yet others are looking to get into your local grocer. This is a big reason that Emily and the Foodzie Team created their company.

Foodzie was originally contemplated while she was working at a small grocer. Many great companies would bring in their products to sell to the grocer, but for one reason or another would not get to the shelves. Emily saw a market for their products but had no way to get them in front of consumers. So she and the other founders of Foodzie decided to create a venue just for these producers. Let them showcase their items, and help them get to possibly get a leg in the door of grocers.

Foodzie is unique in that it focuses solely on small food producers and that the main proprietors of the company must be an intergral part of producing the products. They also go out of their way to get to know their producers and have met many of them. Foodzie also goes on trips searching and researching farmers markets through out the country, trying to find the next companies to join the Foodzie craze.

So if you’re looking for a little something special to satisfy your cravings. Be sure to stop by Foodzie and check out what they have to offer. You’re sure to find something that will peak your interest. You can also follow them on twitter to keep up with what they are doing or on their blog.

Be sure to Join us each week for Chocolate Covered Bacon-The Best in independent Food Finds, Thursdays at 6PM EST on Blockhead Radio. Be sure to tune in each week to hear about what we’ve found to satisfy your cravings. It could be another great company from Foodzie!

--James~The ClosetCreature, your host

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