Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This Week's Guest: Foodzie.com

Looking for great independent food finds? Well we aim to bring them to you each week and the site that helps us more than any is Foodzie.com. They have been the venue for many of our past guest and many of our future guests. So we decided, why not bring them on the show and tell our listeners about what they do? Coming up this Thursday, June 11th, we will have Emily from Foodzie. She will share with you what Foodzie is about and why it's unique.

Don't forget to tune in each and every Thursday on Blockhead Radio at 6 PM EST, to find what our latest independent food find will be! If you have a company or producer you want to know more about, just let us know! You can email us at ccb@fromagier.com and let us know who you want to hear from!

--James~The ClosetCreature, your Host

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